Sunday, January 22, 2006

Autolife: A new platform for researching artificial life

Autolife is an artificial life model developed by Zhang Jiang. Every digital artificial life in Autolife can be viewed as an autonomous agent that is modeled by a Finite State Machine. Agents can achieve the open-ended evolution because they are allowed to self-programming universally by mutation and self-reproduction. From Autolife, we can see many emergent phenomena, including individual behaviors, group dynamics and the producing, social parasitism, self-repairing of organization making up with agents. The fruitful metaphors can be used to explain the general emergent principles, including individuals can push themselves to the edge of chaos for improvement of their fitness; different environments can produce different adaptive group behaviors; when the causal closure exists in the system the emergence of organization is unavoidable, and organizations can produce, evolving and dieing by themselves simultaneously.
You can download Autolife from here.
You can also visit author's website to see the results of Autolife.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Digital Genesis: The New Science of Artificial Life

Digital Genesis: The New Science of Artificial Life is published by Science Press in January 2006.